To My Friends and Family who Voted for Trump

Dear loved ones with opposing views. I know this is not an easy time for you right now either. You have probably been called racist, sexist, bigoted, ignorant, or a slew of other profanities not worth repeating.

I know some of you very closely. I know you are filled with love, hope, and truly want a better country just as much as the rest of us, and to be called such things may not only seem out of line, but it is hurtful. And I know it isn’t fair to you. Having somewhat conservative values, or wanting to shake up the system doesn’t mean you should automatically be branded a racist, and I want to fix that. I want to help bring us back together, but I need your help with a couple of things.

First, we need to talk about the elephant in the room. Trump has said some awful things. His recording describing sexual assault, calling immigrants rapists, and mocking disabled people are just a few of the many inappropriate things he has done these last few months.

I know that you, my loving, caring, rational loved ones, didn’t vote for him because he said these things. That these were not the positions you stood behind, but the sad truth is, for some it was. You can see it in extreme cases, but it is there. The previously quiet and voiceless extremists, the KKK, the neo-nazis, and just your garden variety closeted racist, they think they have found a voice in Trump. And the sad reality, even if you believe he doesn’t stand for that himself, he has yet to stand in opposition of it. And we need him to. We need you to constantly hold him to the high moral standards that you yourself uphold. For whatever reason you voted for him, it wasn’t to support hatred, so don’t let it stand.

Next, we really need you to stop it with the posts calling the losers “whiny.” Stop complaining about safe spaces and people being easily offended. If you don’t need them, don’t use them, but there is something you need to understand. Yesterday, less than 24 hours after Trump won, racists have vandalized school grounds and public spaces, homophobes have chased, mocked, threatened, and even violently attacked members of the LGBT community. Women across the country continue to feel that the rest of the country thinks of them as objects. This not an opinion, this is reality. And in the recent domination of every branch of government, these people now feel like they have no one to hear their concerns. So I ask you, prove them wrong.

Trump was elected to become President of the United States by the so-called “silent majority,” and I’m asking you to stop being silent. America needs you to stand up against racism and sexism. I know you are against those things, so please stop defending them. Stop shaming those who feel neglected. Stop telling people to get over it when they are experiencing something you can’t even fathom.

I know how hard this can be. And with the protests and high tension that will surely grow over the next few months, it is probably only going to get even harder. But I implore you to remember, just like how some racists voting for Trump doesn’t make you a racist, please don’t lump everyone against him together too. Most of us are scared of what we have to lose. You don’t have to agree with why we are scared, but please don’t invalidate this feeling. I know that to simply describe the tension in our country as ‘palpable’ right now might be a bit of understatement, but we need clear minds on both sides if there is ever a chance of getting through this in one piece.

So here it is. The deal I propose. I can’t promise I won’t complain, that I won’t speak out against our new President or Congress, or that I won’t join rallies when I feel they are warranted, but I do promise you this: I promise to analyze each and every idea proposed with an open and rational mind, and to NOT protest or complain just for the sake of dissonance, but I need you to promise something as well. I need you to promise to continue to fight for equality.

In his victory speech Trump promised to “be President for all of Americans,” and I need you, as his level headed base, to hold him to this. It’s up to those who put him in power to remind him of his word.

Your majority is no longer silenced; the world is listening. Now make sure you use that power for making this a better place for all humankind, and help us leave this as best a place as we can for our next generation.


16 thoughts on “To My Friends and Family who Voted for Trump

  1. Very well said slippyslappysamsonite ! – I have never in my life felt so invested in a political cause. But I am holding Trump to what seems to me to be empty promises he is making now. In fact he has already criticized the Press in a tweet for reporting on the Trump protest marches all over this country and calling it “unfair” – Yet he is now more than a public figure – he is President-Elect of the U.S.A. and needs to start acting like it and this was the tweet of what I call his “first presidential fart.”

    The Criticisms will go on and on (4 years minimum) and just like he and his camp criticized Obama and Hillary Clinton endlessly and often through repeated lies and name-calling. – So I refuse to back down now until after he is sworn in, then I will wait and see.

    I am not whining! I am fighting for America! Hillary won the popular vote by a 280,646 vote margin which still going up from there when last reports on stats were counted by NY Times.

    I am not done. And until then my friends and relatives on FB and elsewhere will just have to ignore what they don’t want to see….. as they did before. THEY personally may not be racist, sexist etc, but they invested their vote in a man who represented that over and over again during his campaign.

    Now he’s at the White House door. So Unity?????? He’s got ALOT of work to do. He has to EARN it. Personally I doubt he can achieve that, especially by keeping an “Enemies List” and hiring a cabinet of Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich – and Sarah Palin for the Dept. of Interior!!! Really??? Drill BABY Drill and Frack that Grand Canyon oil and destroy all our national parks. How anyone could hate Hillary so much as to vote for him is almost beyond belief. But if you were worried about your guns or whether immigrants were “invading” your country…. well it came with a WHOLE package of Sh_t !! And you asked for the backlash now.

    Sorry this was so long!!! Needed to vent….. I guess. You were so much better at being gracious and understanding to Trump voters… 🙂 But I too are trying NOT to hold it against you the voters – I am focusing on Trump’s crap going forward.

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    1. In response to your statement -“In fact he has already criticized the Press in a tweet for reporting on the Trump protest marches all over this country and calling it “unfair”- maybe he’ll feel better that the KKK is planning parades to celebrate his presidency… 😉

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  2. Being bitter doesn’t help. Under Obama more republicans have been elected in the last 8 yrs than anytime in the history of our country the people have voted for change. The vast majority of states disagree with the road Washington has forced us to travel on.


  3. – Right now, violent protests are breaking out, many of which are being funded and backed by liberal elites who backed Hillary.

    There are videos (Project Veritas) of Democrat Committee members admitting that they sent in people to create scenes and problems at conservative rallies, so that media outlets could report on “Trump” supporters doing bad things.

    An angry Democrat or liberal can spray paint a swastika or make a sign and post it to create a “perceived” image just as easily as a conservative can. In fact, videos exposing this strategy make it all the more likely.

    There is a video of a group of black people beating an elderly white man for voting for Trump. It’s on the news.

    Once again, this article exhibits the very reason the Democratic Party got hammered at the local, state and federal level this election cycle. It’s reeks of a serious disconnect and subtle elitism and somehow manages to attempt to escape accountability.

    ^^^ This is Donald Trump doing the same thing that he supposedly did when “mocking” the handi-capped reporter, only he did it in reference to Ted Cruz. He was trying to mimic a “flustered” person, not malign someone who was handi-capped.

    So, with all due respect Slippy Slappy, stop making suggestions or demands. Clean up the shambles of your party and get your little hoodlums off the streets that are inciting violence and damaging property, then you can return to the table and talk to us.

    The Tea Party was lambasted by the media and they NEVER acted like this.

    Hillary has a mouth like a drunken sailor. The people around her and the Secret Service have made statements to this effect. The difference between her and Trump is that she insulates herself from the public with 6 degrees of separation, which again is why she lost.

    She didn’t go high, she went low throughout the whole campaign. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with reasonable sensory perception and functioning ear drums.

    Oh, and remember that it was Harry Reid during a democrat controlled Presidency, House and Senate (2008-2010) who decided to change the rules in the senate allowing for a simple majority (51) so that they could push through legislation and bypass Republicans. Republicans warned them about this, but they ignored it. Obama is on record saying that we could come along for the ride, but we’d need to take our seats at the back of the bus. Well, the seats are warm and it’s getting cold, so consider yourselves lucky. But, Donald Trump will listen to and bring Democrats to the table, because he understands how business truly gets done. 😁👍 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    1. wrong… Wrong..he completely mocked him…this doesn’t come close to the verbage voice change facial expression or rapid hand flapping he did to the disabled reporter!!!? Hypocrite looking to excuse a schoolyard bully’s behavior!! Shame on you!!

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      1. Oh, so you interviewed him and he told you this, right? You know what’s truly in his heart, because he’s a friend of yours, right?

        Probably not!

        Stop projecting your perceptions onto the rest of the world, please.


    2. stop being so patronizing… condescension is elitist by its very nature.. you don’t know what’s in Trump’s heart either, so heed your own words… at least this person is making the effort… YOU on the other hand sound exactly like those in the Congressional swamp that Trump so desperately wants to drain – stubborn, obstructionist, and unyielding… it’s attitudes like yours that keep this great nation from moving forward… if you aren’t part of the solution then you’re part of the problem – so get out on board or get out of the way and get left behind… it’s must be so exhausting hauling around bitterness & contempt & self-righteousness all the time… i hope that someday you learn how to set that burden down..


      1. Thanks for the input, Marcus.

        Perpetuating blatant falsehoods and bias as well as using them to essentially make demands is not moving anyone or anything forward.

        Name one thing in my post that is not factual or false?

        I provided visual evidence of Donald Trump doing virtually the same thing when describing Ted Cruz, who is not a handicapped person. More importantly, critical thinking and deductive reasoning leads a person with an open mind to the concept of situational dramatization, not personal or physical characteristic discrimination.

        At some point, you have to own your thoughts, your arguments, your positions and more importantly, their results.

        I am more than happy to meet in the middle, but that starts with progressives and liberals alike admitting that they were not chosen this time around and acknowledging that the constant “victimhood” schtick is a tired one.

        A large majority of people making such arguments use “catch” words like bigot, sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic. If they could not use these labels, what would be left of their argument?

        The very definition of the word “bigot” is an intolerance of someone else’s views or opinions. So, when people use it a lot, there’s a good chance they’ll see one every time they pass by a reflective surface.


  4. These comments I just read don’t help because are still one sided altho very well written! It’s easier for me because I’m disgusted with both parties-am neither because of it. I just listen & observe BOTH! There just is no way Trump voters actually WANT sexism, racism & inequality or approve of the crass, crude Trump. I know this because so many Republicans distanced themselves from their own party as well as not voting for him because of that. Also from common sense and knowing people of both parties. You actually know this also. Bill Clinton had actions if not words to the same effect. JFK was a womanizer but I still respect him greatly as a wise President. I’m positive many past Presidents “liked” women-ALOT! Some men can be pigs. Trump we know is. In this particularly vile campaign the issues and direction America was to go had to be-or should have been-the only determinating factors because the candidates themselves certainly weren’t the quality Americans would wish for. One party isn’t spotless while the other evil. Lies and truths affected both candidates. Neither candidate was clean-unfortunately for America. There was more name calling by one party and I’d bet that influenced many voters who grew weary of constantly being called or having so many others labeled sexist, racist, homophobic, etc just for having a different viewpoint on even one issue or just not being of that particular party. I know I was good & sick of it. It was a complete misuse & abuse of those terms. An example that stood out to me was not voting for Hillary made that voter a racist. Race was not a factor as both candidates were white. Only gender was different so the correct term to use is sexist. It told me that terms were just thrown out there carelessly. America has been educated to know better that ALL peoples are still our fellow man, human beings just like us. I’m not saying it “took” for everyone but it is not quite the same as preCivil Rights movement mentality. There will always be haters, racists, sexists, etc in ALL races which has been easy to see, hear & experience. We know this BECAUSE we all are the same. We just will never reach that 100% evolvement level in any peoples. As for “presidential farts” ( great name for them!) I do remember Obama immediately after inauguration rudely sending back a gift (Churchill Bust) from Britain. For every tit there IS a tat. Instead of watching the opposite party’s new President we should be watching ALL. All politicians stretch the truth with their promises. All. Why do we tend to forget that with our candidate? We really should do better remembering each side has gone through a win or loss. It is not unique for this election. Each side was afraid of losing something special to them. BOTH thought it was loss of their country. OUR country. It isn’t helping when you make derogatory remarks implying one side stupidly wanting to hold onto their guns, or afraid their country overrun by illegal immigrants, etc. Bible should have been in there also. Constitution? SO WHAT? The other side was afraid of losing those things important to them. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. Just say what it is you personally are afraid of losing rather than just denigrating another’s “stupid” loss. It would go far to an open dialog which everyone claims they want and what we sure DO need! Face it- we all are pretty close minded right now. So many are behaving badly-both sides. More gloating this election? Personally I think so. But the losers are being very poor losers with very bad behavior also. The winners should be far more gracious. Basically shut the hell up! I guess that goes for the other side also since that’s my point . I’m horrified at how this campaign & election brought out the worst in human behavior. It feels that was promoted & encouraged for some reason. But WE don’t have to fall for that! So let’s make a pact not to.


  5. Please everyone get active; keep having respectful conversations about what “truths” we know about issues…Never, never, never, never give up. We can make an impact for the many and this planet…not just a few…

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  6. Respectfully, your deal is dumber than Roosevelt’s New Deal. Proposing to be a rational human being in exchange for other people changing their thought patterns shows a complete lack of intellectual integrity. Again, respectfully, fuck you. Fuck you for demanding things. Fuck you for thinking your racial/gender agenda is the single most important thing in the world. Fuck your for demanding change without providing ANYTHING of value in return. Fuck you for contributing nothing and requiring others to change. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.


  7. And yet no mention of the controversy surrounding Hillary?! What about her cozying up with the big networks to screw over Sanders and give Trump more airtime, donations from countries that kill gays and women have zero rights to further her international relations, calling kids retards, receiving donations from Trump, leaked debate questions, backed up banks and corporate companies of which she refused to share her private speeches with them which included tell them about her “public and private” persona, lack of support for LGBT until it suited her in recent time, calling African American youth superpredators that should be thrown in jail? Why don’t liberals mention any of this stuff ever? Hillary is a thief and a liar. Her and trump are one and the same. At least you know what you’re getting with trump. I didn’t vote for him but I sure am relieved she is NOT president.


  8. My first and second response to this article is not pleasant. It’s filled with the same elitist, condescending tones that helped Donald Trump become the next POTUS. Yes, the same Trump the candidate that is “temperamentally unfit,” “unstable,” and “unqualified to be America’s chief executive,” that handily defeated the “most qualified candidate in history.”

    Not only was Trump routinely mocked and vilified, but so were his supporters. The author admits, ” You have probably been called racist, sexist, bigoted, ignorant or a slew of other profanities not worth repeating.”

    The author then pivots to Trump being the elephant in the room. That’s the critical error in Samson Perry’s thought process and article.
    This is exactly like the hypocrisy in the Book of Matthew 7:3-5.

    Instead of demanding Democrats apologize, or even distance themselves, from the hatred leveled at Trump, and Trump supporters, he moves directly to wanting that from Trump and his supporters.

    I would encourage the author to consider the hatred, vitriol, bigoted, prejudiced, etc, that came from Clinton and her supporters before making demands of the other side.

    Trump supporters have also being beaten, chased and disparaged, been vandalized. A Muslim college student just fabricated an assault by two males that never happened. Buildings have been firebombed and property destroyed by left leaning groups. They truly epitomize all the evils they purportedly are protesting against.

    See? Both sides have monsters and victims, but the author feels justified in telling me what I should and shouldn’t say and/or do. At his age, I had roughly 3 years of hazardous duty pay from the US Army. My friends and I stood between hell and the innocent to secure their freedoms, and to maintain our own.

    I do not need to be taken by the hand and led like a child. I do not need to be herded like a sheep. I certainly don’t need someone telling me how I can essentially redeem my candidate, and myself to appease a group of people that have utter disdain for me to begin with.

    Mr. Perry urged me to not remain silent and I obliged him.


  9. I’m sorry but to have one of the people who called me and every other Trump voter every vile thing they could find and then made up more LECTURE on civility and “the elephant in the room” is such hypocrisy I can hardly contain myself.

    YOUR side are the ones spreading hate and fear. THEN you had the cheek to blame US.

    That is not the way to apologize for lying ABOUT US and TO us.

    MAKE THAT APOLOGY sincerely and humbly. Then stop and wait for forgiveness.

    Make us – make me – believe your lying lips. Then and ONLY then will we be able heal.


    1. Frank, nobody is likely to apologize to you with the attitude you expressed above. Plus you need to review slippyslappy’s post again. I didn’t see any fear, hate or lies being spread there. People have blogs to use as an outlet for their views and thoughts, they don’t need to express anyone else’s views if they don’t want to, but even so your comment was moderated and included here to be fair.

      So what are you complaining about and saying things like “lying lips” about? Start your own blog if you want to express your views. You really can’t deny the things Trump said and did on the campaign trail and during his pretty public life. 61 million people didn’t vote for him for valid reasons. Hillary won the popular vote by more than 700,000 votes so far (Michigan still out to be verified). Trump won though by the electoral college system, so we have to accept that. – Apparently you felt differently than some of us. That’s fine. The blog post above didn’t attack you, but instead you attack the blogger.

      I have my own blog too and after having my views attacked elsewhere on Social media I decided I needed a big ole disclaimer!! Just for people like you. Get a grip! – we’ll all figure it out sooner or later because I don’t want to lose friends and relatives either just because they don’t share all of my political views or how I evaluated the info on the candidates in this election. So if anything I said above upset you – here’s my Disclaimer:

      I will not apologize for having views different than yours.

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