Origin Story

When it comes to politics, policies, and social awareness, I have always been quite vocal about my views. In previous election cycles, most notably 2004 and 2008, most conversations and observations were conducted via phone calls or face to face since Facebook wasn’t really a thing that I had access to, nor had it grown to be the mecca of communication and idea sharing that it is today. However, in today’s environment, especially with the current social, economic, and ideological debates going on, I have found myself posting more and more, in an almost desperate plea to anyone reading, with the hope that people will stop standing behind memes, outdated beliefs, or vague talking points, without first considering the bigger picture, or in many cases, the facts (or lack thereof) seen across the internet.

Whether it be a confusion of what Superdelegates really do, what ideas make up Democratic Socialism, the remaining delegate math, or how in the world someone like Drumpf can rise to the level he has, and even more shockingly, why anyone would support him, I find myself trying to filter my posts so that only the most relevant topics are discussed, and, in turn, I have been left wanting a place to organize my thoughts. Where I can flesh out some ideas and, hopefully, create a medium for civil, and most of all, logical, debate.

I have no desire to claim that my opinion is better than anyone else’s simply because it is my belief. I plan on using deductive reasoning, data (when available), and a dash of entertainment to explain how my opinions are formed. With that said, I highly encourage any of my readers to challenge my views, as I will surely challenge many of yours, but I do ask that you come at it with a level of reason and thoughtfulness that invigorates discussion yet refrains from uncivil discourse.

I admit here, for all to see, that I am human, and I will most certainly be wrong from time to time, and you will disagree with me on many other occasions. I only ask that you open your mind to understand where myself and others are coming from before you put up your own wall of dissonance.

To start this blog off, I will be reaching back to a few old posts. Posts from FB over the past few weeks, that had this blog been created, would have been posted here first. I look forward to growing in my knowledge of the world around me and hearing from many of you in the process. Happy reading.



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